5 Simple Steps

To Help Your Dentists Go Digital

5 Simple Steps To Help Your
Dentists Go Digital

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I trust this message finds you well amidst the whirlwind of dental excellence you bring to your patients each day.

As your dental laboratory has successfully embraced the digital revolution, we recognise that aligning your dental professionals with the same digital prowess is pivotal.

We give you a comprehensive 5-step guide to ushering your esteemed dentist’s customers into the realms of digital dentistry.

Warning: This article might come across as shamelessly biased... and you know what?
Guilty as charged!
You don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure out that we're unabashedly singing praises for what we truly believe is the Great'est LMS solution. So, buckle up for an unapologetic love letter to digital greatness!

1. Communicate Readiness with Assurance.

We are ready!
Are you?

Your dental laboratory has been leading the charge in the digital revolution, armed with advanced CAD/CAM components.

However, the critical question remains – are your dentists and clinicians ready for this digital leap?

Communication is key.

Assure them that your digital capabilities are poised and ready to seamlessly accommodate their transition.
Position yourself as a reliable lab ally, well-equipped to handle their digital files with precision and efficiency.
Remember, building confidence in your collective capabilities is the first step toward a successful digital integration.

 Real-life Tips:

  • Organize a virtual meeting or training session to communicate your readiness.

  • Create informative materials showcasing your digital capabilities and share them with your dental partners.

2. Facilitate a Seamless Transition.

Education is key.

Equip yourself and your team with the necessary knowledge to eliminate any learning curves when dentists start sending digital files
Do you have the ability to receive scans? Access to main platforms? 

Does everyone in your team know what to do when receiving a digital impression? Do you have access to top CAD designers?
In a nutshell…be Ready.

If you want your partners to trust you with their cases, don’t make them jump through a bunch of hoops to get great work done.
Being prepared now will instil trust and streamline future processes. Think of it as doing the leg work now for guaranteed results later.

Remember, you aim to minimise disruptions and ensure confidence in your collective capabilities.

 Real-life Tips:

  • Invest in training programs for your team on receiving and handling digital impressions.

  • Ensure easy accessibility to top CAD designers for hassle-free collaboration.

  • Streamline your internal processes to minimize disruptions for your dental partners.

3. Showcase the Power of Digital Excellence.

This is where you blow them away with what you can offer.

Now is the time to dazzle your dental partners with what digital dentistry can offer.
Leverage your lab's digital capabilities to present a compelling case for adopting a digital workflow.

Demonstrate the efficiency and precision achievable through a digital process, highlighting features such as a self-ordering dentist portal. 

Emphasize that going digital is not just practical but a strategic investment leading to cost-effectiveness and accelerated turnaround times.

 Real-life Tips:

  • Create case studies or testimonials from satisfied dental partners who have experienced the benefits of your digital workflow.

  • Organize webinars or presentations showcasing the step-by-step process of digital dentistry.

4. Maintain your level of quality.

Some sceptics think going digital means sacrificing quality, but you know better. Address this myth head-on – showcase that your digital processes can produce results as precise as a Swiss watch. 

Your commitment to quality hasn't wavered; only the tools have evolved.

Showcase how your digital workflows maintain, if not surpass, the standards set by traditional methods. 

Draw parallels to industry stalwarts like Mercedes-Benz, who seamlessly transitioned to digital design and manufacturing without compromising their commitment to precision and excellence.

Real-life Tips:

  • Highlight specific examples where digital processes have exceeded traditional methods in terms of precision.

  • Provide side-by-side comparisons to illustrate the quality of results achieved through digital workflows.

5. Collaborate like never before

Enter the brave new world of dental collaboration!

Enlighten your partner clinicians on the transformative potential of a fully digital workflow in fostering unparalleled collaboration. 

Ever wished for instantaneous communication, real-time feedback accessible via smartphones, and seamless case sharing through a state-of-the-art dentist portal

Welcome to the future of collaborative dentistry. We're here to facilitate this transition and enhance our partnership. 

Curious about the possibilities? Let's explore the digital age together.

Sure, if you need to give them some examples….look at WhatsApp, and the way it has revolutionised the way we communicate. 

Your dental practice is about to experience the same level of connectivity and convenience. Tell your dentists it's time to break free from the chains of traditional communication and dance into the digital age.

Real-life Tips:

  • Draw parallels with widely-used communication tools like WhatsApp to illustrate the level of connectivity and convenience they can expect.

  • Encourage an open dialogue with your dental partners to explore the possibilities and address any concerns they may have.

So, there you have it – 5 Ways to Get Your Dentists to Go Digital. It's not just a leap; it's a quantum leap into the future of dentistry. Your lab is the DeLorean, and your dentists are about to hit 88 mph.

In conclusion, embracing digital dentistry is not just a step forward; it's a leap into the future of dental excellence.

By effectively communicating readiness, facilitating a seamless transition, showcasing digital excellence, maintaining quality, and fostering collaboration, your dental practice can not only stay relevant but lead the way in the digital age.

Curious about the possibilities? Let's explore the digital age together.

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